Soda Aria

Specialized commercial services
Active in the field of electricity and energy

Introduction to Soda Aria

Relying on knowledge and experienced experts, Soda Aria Company seeks to obtain customer satisfaction along with the development of the market with quality products and services, which is evidenced by the successful 20-year record of the collection. At present, Soda Aria Company, which plays the role of foreign trade in Blondepi Holding Group as a supplier of goods from world-renowned manufacturers in the energy and electricity sector. And offers ceramics, furniture, etc. in a complete and specialized way to all dear manufacturers and customers. Soda Aria Trading Company will be your reliable and permanent companion in all stages of exporting your goods, from the beginning to the end, by its expert managers and experienced team.

Areas of Activity

Export services

  • Export management
  • Export Markets Studies
  • International tenders
  • Managing negotiations and concluding memoranda of understanding
  • Business empowerment

Import services

  • Market research
  • Negotiations and business correspondence to buy goods from abroad and import goods
  • Door to Door Services

Supplier of specialized electrical panel equipment

  • Exclusive representative of UNELEC in France
  • Supplier of Schinder
  • Supplier of Siemens
  • Supplier of Hyundai
  • Supplier from ABB

Our achievements


Soda Aria Trading Company, with its professional team and support of 20 years of experience in the export and import of goods, is ready to provide services to all trading or manufacturing companies.

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